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Age of Consent– A Personal History of the UK 2005-2026

by Jason Nunn

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A History of the UK 2005-2026




· Introduction by Charles Duff, Deputy Chief Operating Counsellor, Glenmiur Reform Trust

· Introduction by the author, Jason Nunn


This history has three main sections or themes:


· The UK Social Justice Movement 2005-2026

· The life of Steve Harman (1991-2020), social surveillance pioneer and campaigner

· Background UK developments 2005-26: Social, Political and Technological


Overview timelines for each section are displayed below.


The Author has also written ‘An Apology’, his account of the Cassie Jackson case which led to his requirement for treatment at Glenmiur:


· ‘An Apology’


Text Box: Independent non-coalition MP Murray Thompson, whose ‘KeepHomePrivate’ channel is a focus of much Obscurist campaigning today
Text Box: The M11, near Saffron Walden, site of the fateful meeting between Graham Carter and Anthony Keene, February 2016